I like Brigid because she tells the same story I am telling, but she tells it better. She has excellent comedic timing  and can make you cry when she needs to. We have done three books together so far, and she is always professional and flexible. Each character has a distinct voice and is consistent throughout the recording. I couldn’t recommend her more!

Elizabeth Adams, Author

Family Portraits

In Dearest Friends, Pamela Lynne drew complex and interesting characters who joined Darcy and Elizabeth on their road to happily ever after. But, what happened after the end? Did Lydia survive her time at Rosings? Did Jane find fulfilment as Mrs. Bingley? Did Mary and Sebastian adhere to duty or allow their hearts to lead them? 

Dearest Friends

The historical romance Dearest Friends retells Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice as a sensual adventure that will delight a modern audience.

This was my first time listening to narrator Brigid Lohrey and I thought she wielded a great talent to handle such a large cast of characters of gender, age, and class distinction even some regional dialect changes were evident. She put emotion and pacing to good use. I definitely want more of her work.

Review for Dearest Friends by Pamela Lynne

Mrs Fenton’s Journey

The story of Elizabeth Fenton told through her diaries of colonial life in India and arrival in Van Dieman’s Land -Tasmania

The Singing Cure

Also on Downpour

The Singing Cure takes the listener on a thought-provoking and inspiring journey to unlock the secret of the human voice.

The Houseguest

When Georgiana Darcy comes to Netherfield to visit her brother, she becomes friends with a neighbour, Elizabeth Bennet. After Miss Darcy has returned to London, she invites her new friend to stay with her at the Darcy home in town, unbeknownst to Mr. Darcy.

The 26th of November

The 26th of November

The Netherfield Ball: classic. Predictable. Immortalized.

But what if Elizabeth were forced to relive it over and over and over again? Night after night after night?

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